Welcome to Acorns School

Chris Hampton

Welcome from the Head Teacher

I am delighted to welcome you to Acorns school. The school has a successful history of empowering pupils who have experienced challenging periods in their lives.

The school prides itself in providing a safe, secure, positive and supportive environment, which is caring, consistent and fair, irrespective of gender, disability and background.


We aim to develop the pupil’s self respect, self confidence, self reliance, sense of loyalty and honesty.

The school encourages pupils to form positive personal relationships in order to live and work with sensitivity and mutual respect.

What sets us apart from other schools

Acorns School never loses focus on every individual child. The small class setting provides the necessary stability to support both a pupil’s social and emotional difficulties in addition to their academic pursuit.

Explore our comprehensive approach to education that goes beyond academics. Join us at Acorns School in Stockport and experience a supportive learning environment where every student's journey matters. Contact us today to learn more about our admissions process and how we can support your child's educational journey.


Acorns school is a registered independent school providing education and support for boys and girls aged 5-17 who often present with complex learning difficulties including social emotional and mental health, ADHD and attachment issues.

Areas of expertise

Many of our pupils have serious social issues and very difficult home lives resulting in complex emotional difficulties.

The school prides itself on being able to provide specialised interventions and expertise in these issues which is not available in a mainstream school.


Acorn School’s First Aid Policy is available to parents on request or via the school office

"Exceeded expectations, my young person is settled in school and is meeting all of his academic targets due to the individualised support plan in place." SOCIAL WORKER

"Staff are person centred, they have my young person’s best interests at heart. Staff go above and beyond due to the care and attention they provide." SOCIAL WORKER