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Specialist therapeutic education services

Keys Group deliver specialist therapeutic education services to young people and support for their families. Our schools strive to achieve the potential of all our pupils by creating an environment where they can thrive. By putting the right support and resources in place for each and every child, we have achieved outstanding or good ratings from OFSTED in the vast majority of our schools.

We recognise that every pupil is an individual with his or her own needs, wants, aspirations, emotions as well as difficulties, so our approach to learning and education is equally adaptable and flexible. Our highly trained educational specialists work with young people who would be described as having challenging issues; such as emotional and behavioural difficulties and mental health challenges. Pupils in these circumstances may have experienced difficulty learning within a mainstream school and may be considered to be:

children/young people who are difficult to place

at risk of being a Child Missing Education (CME) over a long-term

vulnerable because of learning or mental health challenges

at risk of being criminalised or being permanently excluded

Where are we...

Many of our pupils have been excluded from mainstream school or pupil referral units due to challenging behaviours or criminal activities and because the school is unable to meet the pupil’s educational needs. Our perseverance and commitment to identify every single way in which we can work with each pupil to identify and reach their potential means that we take everything into account that impacts on their learning – the environment, sense of community, staff supporting them and other pupils – and ensure the impact is a positive one. The safe, unique environment that our schools offer builds our pupils’ trust in the school community whilst learning the skills needed to function in the wider outside world, without putting themselves at risk.

Our schools follow the National Curriculum and so cover the core subjects of Literacy, Numeracy, Science and ICT plus various vocational subjects, humanities, citizenship, PSE and physical education. We have a range of schools varying in size and location allowing us to provide learning opportunities that are specific to the needs of each pupil. Some of these schools are co located with our residential homes but the majority are on separate sites. Pupils may also be living in one of our residential homes but many reside with their own families, in foster care or with a different residential care provider.