Welcome to Halton School

Caroline McPoland

Welcome from the Head Teacher

Welcome to Halton independent school. We welcome pupils who have either been unable to maintain a place in a mainstream school or who are thought to be able to benefit from a stable period in a small supportive school environment. Based in Runcorn and part of The Keys Group, the school provides day placements for children and young people. We are registered with the DfE.


We aim to create a positive and safe environment where pupils are nurtured educationally, socially and spiritually.

What sets us apart from other schools

Halton School is housed across two separate sites with one sharing the same site as Halton House Residential Children’s Home, and the second sharing the same site as Castle View Residential Children’s Home (both part of the Keys Group).


The young people who attend the school have special education needs (S.E.N), moderate learning difficulties (M.L.D.) or social, emotional and mental health difficulties. (S.E.M.H.) and are between the ages of 7-18 years.

Areas of expertise

We aim to offer all pupils a rounded curriculum in which, irrespective of academic ability, they can achieve high levels of success. In response to this we offer a variety of wider curriculum activities, including weekly sessions of indoor wall climbing and high ropes and therapeutic horseriding.

This programme enables pupils not only to develop new physical skills but also to develop trust and positive relationships with others. We have also built links with the Police, TRFC and Warrington Futsal.


Halton School’s First Aid Policy is available to parents on request or via the school office

"The headteacher has built an amazing relationship with my son and he trusts, respects and responds to her which is amazing progress. We are very grateful for her, she really is an amazing headteacher and a credit to Halton school. She and the staff have shown my son they weren't going to give up on him like everyone else has in the past - thank you Hayley for helping us get our son back happy and settled, wanting to come to school and finally enjoying school. You and your staff are amazing" PARENT