Welcome to Broadwood School

Welcome from the Head Teacher Natalie Callahan

Welcome to Broadwood School. We put pupils at the centre of how we work and have created a school that is welcoming, caring, safe, nurturing and warm.

We see strong relationships with our children and young people, parents, carers and the wider community as the key to our success.


At Broadwood School we aim to..
• create a positive, nurturing and caring learning environment which puts pupils at the centre of everything that we do.
• create positive relationships with every member of our school community.
• value the holistic development of every pupil.

What sets us apart from other schools

• We develop our pupils’ social and emotional resilience by having clear boundaries which pupils are supported to thrive within.
• The school uses a restorative approach to conflict which allows pupils to quickly reintegrate into their learning.


Broadwood is a registered independent school providing education to young people with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs, aged 7-18 years.

Areas of expertise

The school specialises in supporting pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs. Relationships are at the centre of what we do; this enables pupils to feel safe in their learning environment and supports pupils to become successful.

This approach creates an environment which is welcoming, caring and safe, reducing any anxieties, which can become a barrier to learning.


Broadwood School’s First Aid Policy is available to parents on request or via the school office

"Our son has been with you now for a year and we can honestly say, this has been the best decision for our son . He has had a difficult time being accepted in other schools and the work that staff have put in to stabilize and accept him for who he is has made tremendous changes to all of us. Best decision we ever made." PARENT

"This school is fantastic and has been there for us in every emergency that we have had, they have helped me even out of school hours and I can not thank them enough for all they do for us as a family" PARENT