Welcome to Liverpool Progressive School

Welcome from the Head Teacher Anthony Saleh

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Liverpool Progressive School. Our school is extremely successful in helping pupils, many of whom have had very negative experiences of education, understand and manage their own behaviours

by promoting, throughout the school, a highly positive culture. We aim to provide the highest quality education which, with appropriate levels of support, enables personal achievement for all pupils.


Liverpool Progressive School is an outstanding specialist school. Through our EPIC values of Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Caring we aim to enable the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of all our pupils.

We also aim to meet educational needs and aspirations by providing each pupil with opportunities to enjoy, achieve and develop to their full potential. Creative, dedicated and passionate staff ensure that pupils enjoy their learning and make excellent progress by addressing pupils’ barriers to learning.

What sets us apart from other schools

Liverpool Progressive School has a small pupil capacity which enables it to offer a high quality, focused and person centred education. Our school does a highly successful job in helping pupils, many of whom that have displayed challenging patterns of behaviour and have had a very negative experiences of education, to understand and manage their own behaviours by promoting a highly positive culture.

Pupils are provided with opportunities to develop their confidence in unfamiliar situations and to learn about the diversity of the world beyond their home and school life.


Liverpool Progressive School supports the educational needs of boys and girls aged 8 – 19 with moderate to severe learning difficulties, complex needs and a range of associated social, emotional, interaction and sensory difficulties.

Areas of expertise

Pupils at Liverpool Progressive School experience a highly personalised and wide-ranging curriculum strongly focused on meeting pupils’ individual needs, ensuring all are interested and motivated to learn.

All pupils make outstanding progress, no matter what their circumstances or abilities. Pupils are provided with therapies including speech and language, occupational and sensory which contribute significantly to the rapid improvement in pupils’ development and learning.


Liverpool Progressive School’s First Aid Policy is available to parents on request or via the school office

‘Levels of care and welfare are outstanding. Staff know their pupils’ personalities and needs in great detail’ OFSTED

‘Students spend their days in Liverpool Progressive School happy, secure and successful’ OFSTED