Welcome to Heckington House

Welcome from the Head Teacher

Head teacher Kimberley Albelda welcomes you to Heckington House Independent School, founded as an Alternative Provision in Woodhall Spa 18 years ago then moving to new premises in West Ashby 10 years ago, Heckington House has grown and developed a great deal over the years. Working with thousands of Lincolnshire’s young people & adult learners. Forging a positive relationship with the Lincolnshire Learning Community and producing excellent results through high quality education.

Heckington House has real expertise in engaging young people, excelling at promoting independence, producing good, nationally recognised qualifications and enhancing our young people’s skills, experience and abilities to truly make them ready for their next steps in education, training or employment. Heckington House is dedicated to promoting inclusion, British values, independence, reducing permanent exclusion and partnership collaboration.


Heckington House School has EPIC values. We deliver our curriculum with Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Care. Our curriculum is built with, enjoyment, respect, PACE and has a learner focussed approach. Our aim is that our learners achieve, enjoy school, utilise creativity and enable the learners to progress from the school with all the tools they need.

Other aims with Heckington House School:

• Promote Independence
• Produce good, nationally recognised qualifications
• Prepare learners for the transition and progression in their lives whether it is education, training or employment
• Promote inclusion and British values
• Improve holistic health and promote well being
• Provide the learners with the best chance to progress

What sets us apart from other schools

Heckington House has always been different to others in Lincolnshire. Staying away from the mainstream approach that has not been the most successful for our learners. Adding real elements of creative, outdoor, practical, and fun learning opportunities that feel relevant to each learner.

We work with each learner to meet their holistic needs, from healthy living, managing their behaviours, intervention strategies to play, sports and getting ready for the next steps.

Areas of expertise

Heckington House Schools strength is in its diverse and developing curriculum, its learner focused approach, its use of its environment and the local area, and the skillset brought together in the staff team.


Heckington House School’s First Aid Policy is available to parents on request or via the school office

The team provide regular and accurate communication regarding attendance, academic progress and emotional and behavioural development. Heckington House is an excellent resource for Lincolnshire schools to access as an alternative option for specific young people ensuring their needs are met”

The understanding and skills the staff use to understand the reasons why certain behaviours present and manage them in a proactive, positive way to help the young people thrive is amazing.