Welcome to Argyll House School

Catrin Rees

Welcome from the Head Teacher

As Headteacher of Argyll House School I am passionate and proud to lead a small, caring and an inclusive school, which is based on the beautiful Norfolk coastline. Our school specialises with helping students with attendance issues, barriers to learning, historic traumas, SEMH and neurodiversity. My previous experience of working in London schools in senior leadership for over ten years and undertaking a master’s degree in drama therapy means we can offer a therapeutic and flexible approach to teaching with a bespoke and responsive curriculum. My team of school staff are skilled and experienced in supporting students and building positive relationships and understand and have experience in psychological approaches including attachment theory, child development and being trauma informed. We concentrate on building self-esteem and use a relational approach in our teaching to build confidence in learning, knowing a happy student is a successful student. Everyone is a valued member of our school community, and we share the values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. We offer a personal development programme and careers and independent living lessons which focus on independence, preparing for adulthood and participating in society. As part of our curriculum, we offer an extensive physical education programme on a weekly basis that changes termly, activities include swimming, horse riding, boxing, and gym sessions. We are passionate about achieving outstanding outcomes for all but committed to educating the ‘whole child’. We want our students to be socially responsible and emotionally literate; we want them to be safe, confident, and happy. My mission as Headteacher is that at Argyll House School we make learning fun and relevant, and we inspire students to achieve their potential and become independent lifelong learners.


The aims of Argyll House school are to provide a calm, safe and enjoyable environment where our students can flourish. We want all our students to be able to develop personally and obtain skills that will enable them to become informed, responsible, and positive members of their families, communities, and work lives. Against this therapeutic backdrop, we focus on learning and pride ourselves on students' progress in lessons.

What sets us apart from other schools

Argyll house is small and provides a safe space for those who have struggled in larger schools before. The staff and students work very closely together, so everybody has to get on. We are lucky to be situated on the beautiful North Norfolk coast with beaches, forests, and endless outdoor learning opportunities. We work very closely with parents and carers and try to create every opportunity to raise the self-esteem and confidence of our learners. We have an extensive outreach program, working with students at home and in the community, where we build positive relationships and then transition back to school.


Argyll House School currently has 8 students ranging from 14 to 18. They come from very different backgrounds, and all have different aspirations. Many have spent considerable time out of education, and we are incredibly proud of the progress that they have made and the contribution that they make to our school.

Areas of expertise

Our school serves students with Social, Emotional and Mental Health issues. Our greatest area of expertise is our ability to learn. All of our students have needs that need fully investigating before they start so that we can produce the very best plans to help them integrate in to the school and thrive. Staff have a range of skills both in teaching, psychology and Special Needs. All staff are trauma informed.

My child has been to a few schools and struggled. They have come to Argyll House and flourished.